QFT group

"Quantum Mechanics II"
winter term 2017/18

Andreas Wipf

Tuesday 08-10, HS2 Abbeanum; Thursday 12-14, HS3, HHW 3
Exercise class with Dr. Zambelli:
Friday 08-10; SR4, MWP 1

First lecture: Tuesday, 17. October

exercise sheets:


  • final exam: 23. February, 10:15 -- 12:45; HS3, HHW 3

    you are allowed to use one hand-written sheet with your notes

  • retry exam: xx March

  • The module registration is no later than 6 weeks after the start of the lecture via Friedolin.

  • You are admitted to the final exam, if you present two solutions in the exercise sessions and solve at least 50 percent of the exercises.

  • The modul is examined by a mixture of exercises and a final written exam. The allocation of marks between final exam and exercises is 80 percent and 20 percent.

  • ECTS: 8 CP


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