Selected Talks

Andreas Wipf

Selected talks:

Exotic Phases and Phase Transitions for Interacting Ferminons
Frankfurt, 2021
Interacting Fermions in two and three dimensions
Dubna, 2019
G2-QCD at Finite Density
Giessen and Swansea, May and June 2014
Asymptotic Safety of Nonlinear O(N)-Models
Graz, Mainz and Plymouth, April, May and June 2014
Supersymmetric Flows for Supersymmetric Field Theories
ERG 2010, Korfu, September 2010
Supersymmetries of Dirac Operators with Applications
Benasque and Yerevan, August 2010
On SU(2N) and G2-Gauge Theories
Graz, May 2009
Spectral Sums for Dirac Operator and Polyakov Loops
Pohang, January 2008
Susy Lattice Models
Heidelberg and Hannover, December 2007
Lattice Supersymmetry
Mainz, February 2007
Birefringence in Strong-Field QED
Mailand, January 2007
Determinants, Dirac Operators and One-Loop Physics
Blaubeuren, November 2006
Generalized Potts-Models and their Relevance for Gauge Theories
Budapest, June 2006
From Susy-QM to SUSY-Lattice FT
Hamburg, May 2005
Exploiting Lattice Ward Identities
Trento, March 2003
The supersymmetric hydrogen atom
Dublin, September 2002
Effective actions and lattice Ward-identities
Heidelberg, June 2002
Faddeev-Niemi-Skyrme Models
Freiburg, January 2002
On recent low-energy approximations to pure gauge theories
Tübingen, September 2001
Magnetic Monopoles and Instantons in QCD
64. Physiker-Tagung, März 2000