We are part of the Theoretisch-Physikalisches Institut at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universit├Ąt Jena. Follow here seminars and events at our institute.

We are member of Virgo and of the LIGO-Virgo-Kagra scientific collaboration, and lead the Virgo group PROMETEO composed of scientists at Jena, Milano Bicocca and Torino. Jena is a Research Unit of the Einstein Telescope. We are also member of the ENGRAVE collaboration that searches electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources using ESO's telescopes.

We are part of the computational relativity (CoRe) collaboration at Jena and elsewhere, that supports the emerging fields of gravitational-wave and multi-messenger astronomy by performing 3+1 numerical relativity simulations of compact binaries spacetimes.


C.Lamster (BSc), A.Naumann (BSc).

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Visiting students

F.Brandoli (Bologna U), N.Amir (Quaid-i-Azam U, HEC IRSIP fellow).

Are you interested in visiting us? Summer semesters are good times to attend the special courses on numerical relativity, gravitational waves and computational fluid dynamics, and also to fully enjoy Jena. Support may be available via the Erasmus+ programme and Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) of COST actions. Please contact SB.

Past members

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We have long-term collaborations with Bernd Bruegmann (Jena U, Germany), David Hilditch (CENTRA/IST, Portugal), Alessandro Nagar (INFN Torino, Italy and IHES, France), David Radice (Penn State U, USA), Albino Perego (Trento U, Italy), Tim Dietrich (Potsdam U, Germany), Wolfgang Tichy (Florida Atlantic U, USA), Walter Del Pozzo (Pisa U, Italy), Max Ujevic (UFABC Sao Paulo, Brasil). We collaborate with scientists at various places, including Albert Einstein Institute (Germany), Caltech (USA), Cardiff (UK), Institute des Haute Etude Scientifique (France), Milano Bicocca (Italy), Nikhef (The Netherlands), and Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

International Networks

Past members

Past students

F.Zappa (MSc, 2018), R.Gamba (MSc, 2019, CoA), F.Schianchi (MSc, 2019, CoA), M.Kriening (BSc, 2019), L.C.Lippold (BSC, 2019), N.Marcantognini (BSc, 2019, CoA), A.Kuch (BSc, 2020), A.Gonzalez (MSc, 2020), E.Donkersloot (BSc, 2020), E.Donkersloot (HiWi, 2020), N.Marcantognini (MSc, 2021, CoA), J.Tissino (MSc, 2021, CoA), T.Dieselhorst (BSc, 2021), E.Donkersloot (2021 FSU Honours student), T.Br├Ącher (BSc, 2022), A.Kuch (MSc, 2022), L.C.Lippold (MSc, 2022), L.Li (MSc 2022, CoA), N.Venuti (MSc 2023, CoA).

Past visiting students

F.Schianchi (2019, 2020, Parma U), R.Gamba (2019, Torino U), N.Marcantognini (2019, Camerino U), F.Filice (2019, Calabria U), V.Skoupy (2020, Prague U), A.Bonino (2021, Torino U), A.Albertini (2022, Prague U), L.Li (Freiburg U), N.Venuti (Trieste U), M.Jameel (Sorbonne U), Sayan Neogi (Pune U, DAAD fellow).