Holger Gies, SoSe 2022

Lectures: Wednesday 10-12 (fortnightly), SR2 HHW5, Friday 14-16, HS2, Abbeanum

Tutorials: Monday 14-16, HS2, Abbeanum
First Event: Lecture on Wednesday, 13 April 2022.

Exercise sheets:

  • Sheets and all course material will be available on Moodle

Course organization

  • The Wednesday lecture will be held approximately fortnightly. Some Wednesday dates will be used as replacements for holidays, see the announcements on Moodle
  • The module registration proceeds via Friedolin according to the standard regulations.
  • A successful participation in the exercise classes is a necessary prerequisite for the module examination.
  • The form of the module examination (written exam or oral examination) depends on the number of participants and takes place by the end of or after the lecture course. Details will be announced in the lecture.