David Hilditch

  • Country: ¬†
  • Group: Numerical Relativity
  • Office: Abb. 205
  • Phone: +49 3641 947146
  • Email: david.hilditch(at)uni-jena.de

Curriculum Vitae:

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Warwick in 2004. I obtained my PhD, under the supervision of Carsten Gundlach, from the University of Southampton in 2007. I then moved to the Jena numerical relativity group as a postdoc. Presently I am *trying* to wrap up my Habilitation thesis and organize my move to CENTRA.

Publications and Teaching:

My Orcid id is: 0000-0001-9960-5293. A list of my publications can be found at hep inspire, google scholar or researchgate. The following supplementary notebooks are provided freely. Most require the mathematica package xTensor to run. If you find anything helpful, please cite the parent paper:
  • Revisiting Hyperbolicity of Relativistic Fluids (Preprint: ArXiv:1712.09837) Mathematica notebooks.
  • The initial boundary value problem for free-evolution formulations of General Relativity (Class. Quantum Grav. 35 015006 2017) Mathematica notebooks.
  • Dual Foliation Formulations of General Relativity (Preprint: ArXiv:1509.02071) Mathematica notebooks available shortly. Tidy-up underway for release with my Habilitation thesis :-)
  • Hyperbolicity of high order systems of evolution equations (JHDE V12, (2015) Issue 1). Mathematica notebooks.
  • The initial value formulation of dynamical Chern-Simons gravity (Phys.Rev. D91 (2015) 024027). Mathematica notebooks.
  • An introduction to well-posedness and free-evolution (IJMPA Vol. 28 (2013) 1340015). See here for the accompanying notebooks.
  • Hyperbolic formulations of General Relativity with Hamiltonian structure (Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 123017). Mathematica notebooks.
Feel free to take a look at the following visualizations and their associated paper:
This semester I am teaching advanced mathematical methods for physicists. The course Friedolin pages are here and here.

Last semester I taught mathematical relativity. The course website is here. Earlier I taught computational physics. Information for the course is collected here. I also taught numerical relativity with Hannes, for which the website is here. Finally I helped out in Ronny's course on the detection of gravitational waves.

Earlier still I taught gravitational waves, numerical relativity and computational physics. Before that I also taught gravitational waves with Nathan, and numerical relativity with Nathan and Haris. I recently (October 2016 & February 2017) gave a few introductory lectures in numerical relativity at IUCAA. Scans of my handwritten notes are here. I gave a similar set of lectures for the 2017 CAS Spring school in Beijing. Scans of the notes can be found here.

Scientific Interests:

I work on mathematical topics in numerical relativity. In particular my research has focused on the gauge freedom of general relativity, on the development of formulations suitable for numerical approximation and on the collapse of gravitational waves.


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