Classical and quantum symmetries in mathematics and physics

July 25 - 29 2016


This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different areas of mathematics and theoretical physics in the following major research areas: Hopf algebras and quantum groups, Lie algebras and Lie superalgebras, integrable models with an emphasis on quantum quenches, axiomatic quantum field theory, topological and conformal field theory, classical and quantum gravity, string theory and string field theory. The main goal of the workshop is to stimulate and promote interactions, in order to allow for a transfer of knowledge and methods.

The poster of the conference can be found here.

Plenary Speakers include:
  • Zoltan Bajnok (Institute for theoretical Physics, Budapest, Hungary)
  • Nils Carqueville (University of Vienna & ESI, Austria)
  • Rolf Farnsteiner (University of Kiel, Germany)
  • Valentina Forini (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany)
  • Dimitri Gourevitch (LAMAV, Université de Valenciennes, France)
  • Yuri I. Manin (MPI Bonn, Germany)
  • Elena Poletaeva (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, US)
  • Kasia Rejzner (York University, UK)
  • Martin Schnabl (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
  • Christoph Schweigert (University of Hamburg, Germany)

The conference is a satellite meeting of the 7th European Congress of Mathematics.

There will be no conference fee but to participate in the coffee breaks
you need to be registered.

This workshop is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft as well as the DFG research training unit "Quantum and Gravitational Fields" (GK1523/2).



Program as PDF

Plenary talks

Bajnok: The bootstrap program for the gauge-gravity duality

Carqueville: Defects in 2- and 3-dimensional TQFT

Coulembier: The primitive spectrum of a basic classical Lie superalgebra

Farnsteiner: Indecomposable modules, McKay quivers, and ramification

Forini: String sigma-model on a lattice and AdS/CFT

Gurevich: Braided Yangians

Manin: F-manifolds, Frobenius manifolds and symmetries

Molev: Vinberg's problem for classical Lie algebras

Poletaeva: Finite W-algebras for Lie superalgebras

Rejzner: BV quantization on Lorentzian manifolds & and applications in perturbative quantum gravity

Schnabl: Topological defects and open string field theory

Schweigert: Defects in topological field theory: from categorical tools to applications in physics and representation theory

Parallel Session M1: Lie (super)algebras, quantum algebras

Alsaody: Lie Bialgebras and Belavin-Drinfeld Cohomology via Quaternion Algebras and Hilbert's 17th Problem

Barbier: On the Tits-Kantor-Koecher construction for Jordan superalgebras

Krysl: Symplectic spinors and Hodge theory

Parallel Session M2: Finite groups and Yang-Baxter equations

Kornyak: Quantum evolution model based on symmetric group additional comments

Mueller-Hoissen: Bruhat and Tamari Orders, Simplex and Polygon Equations

Stolin: Belavin-Drinfeld cohomology, applications to YBE and number theory

Parallel Session MP: Symmetries in classical and quantum gravity

Lang: SU(3) heat kernel coherent states for loop quantum gravity

Liegener: Einstein-Yang-Mills-Theory in Loop Quantum Gravity

Meusburger: Hopf algebra symmetries in 3d gravity

Riello: Asymptotic symmetries in classical general relativity

Sahlmann: Mathematical aspects of loop quantum gravity

Wise: The Erlangen Programme in Gravity

Parallel Session P1: Foundational aspects of quantum field theory

Bargheer: Scattering Amplitudes, Integrability, and the Multi-Regge Limit

Duell: Multi-Particle Scattering in a Class of Wedge-Local Quantum Field Theories

Schaumann: 3d defect TQFT and homotopy QFT

Parallel Session P2: Mathematical aspects of string theory and string geometry

Gwilliam: Factorization algebras in field theory

Saemann: Principal String 2-Group Bundles and M-Branes

Schreiber: Generalized cohomology of M2/M5-branes

Waldorf: String geometry and spin geometry on loop spaces

Parallel Session P3: Integrability in field theories and AdS/CFT

Burkhard Eden: Three-point functions in N=4 SYM: the hexagon proposal at three loops

Madalena Lemos: Bootstrapping superconformal field theories

Florian Loebbert: Master Symmetry for Holographic Wilson Loops

Vladimir Mitev: Viewing N=4 SYM from Twistor Space

Stijn van Tongeren: Yang-Baxter sigma models and AdS/CFT

List of Participants

The following people registered:
  • Seidon Alsaody, Gothenburg
  • Martin Ammon, Jena
  • Benjamin Bahr, Hamburg
  • Till Bargheer, Hamburg
  • Zoltan Bajnok, Budapest
  • Sigiswald Barbier, Gent
  • Nils Carqueville, Vienna
  • Kevin Coulembier, Sydney
  • Maximilian Duell, München
  • Burkhard Eden, Berlin
  • Rolf Farnsteiner, Kiel
  • Agota Figula, Debrecen
  • Ashraf Firouzeh, Tehran
  • Valentina Forini, Berlin
  • Jürgen Fuchs, Karlstad
  • Markus Gardemann, Jena
  • Ebrahim Ghorbani, Tehran
  • Jose Gomez-Torrecillas, Granada
  • Dmitry Gourevitch, Valenciennes
  • Sebastian Grieninger, Jena
  • Owen Gwilliam, Bonn
  • Markus Heinrich, Jena
  • Amadeo Jimenez, Jena
  • Vladimir Kornyak, Dubna
  • Svatopluk Krysl, Prague
  • Thorsten Lang, Erlangen
  • Julian Leiber, Jena
  • Madalena Lemos, Hamburg
  • Klaus Liegener, Erlangen
  • Stefan Lippoldt, Jena
  • Florian Loebbert, Berlin
  • Attila Lüttmerding, Jena
  • Yuri I. Manin, Bonn
  • Riccardo Martini, Jena
  • Catherine Meusburger, Erlangen
  • Jouko Mickelsson, Helsinki
  • Vladimir Mitev, Mainz
  • Sebastian Moeckel, Jena
  • Alexander Molev, Sydney
  • Folkert Mueller-Hoisson, Göttingen
  • Sergei Parkhomenko, Moskau
  • Elena Poletaeva, Texas
  • Kasia Rejzner, York
  • Aldo Riello, Waterloo
  • David Sabonis, Munich
  • Christian Saemann, Edinburgh
  • Hanno Sahlmann, Erlangen
  • Carlos Scarinci, Nottingham
  • Gregor Schaumann, Wien
  • Martin Schnabl, Prague
  • Urs Schreiber, Prague
  • Christoph Schweigert, Hamburg
  • Rene Sondenheimer, Jena
  • Marc Steinhauser, Jena
  • Michael Stiller, Hamburg
  • Alexander Stolin, Gothenburg
  • Stijn van Tongeren, Berlin
  • Konrad Waldorf, Greifswald
  • Andreas Wipf, Jena
  • Derek Wise, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Mahesh Yadav, Leipzig
  • Oksana Yakimova, Jena
  • Jalaleddin Yousefi K., Tehran
  • Omar Zanusso, Jena


Registration is closed now. It is still possible to participate. In case you did not register, please write an email to martin.ammon at uni-jena.de

The workshop will be held at:

Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Fröbelstieg 1
07743 Jena

Größere Kartenansicht

Arrival by plane:

Airport Halle/Leipzig (+ 1h train ride, one-way ticket ~35 Euros )
Airport Berlin (Tegel or Schoenefeld) (+ 3h train ride, one-way ticket ~65 Euros)
Airport Frankfurt (+ 3h train ride, one-way ticket ~75 Euros)
Airport Munich (+4h train ride, one-way ticket ~85 Euros)

Arrival by train:

There are two train stations in Jena: Jena-Paradies (directions Berlin or Munich), and Jena-West (direction Frankfurt). The hotels as well as the conference site are in walking distance from both stations (taxi ride ~ 5-10 Euros)

Workshop secretariat

For any (adminstrative) question please write to

Organizing committee

Organizers of parallel sessions (physics)


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