Marianne Heilmann

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  • Group: Quantum Field Theory
  • Office: Abb. 304
  • Phone: +49 3641 947136
  • Email: marianne.heilmann(at)

Curriculum Vitae:

Publications and Teaching:

->> "Critical behavior of supersymmetric O(N) models in the large-N limit" by Daniel F. Litim, Marianne C. Mastaler, Franziska Synatschke-Czerwonka, Andreas Wipf; (arXiv:1107.3011)
->> "Phases of supersymmetric O(N) theories" by Marianne Heilmann, Daniel F. Litim, Franziska Synatschke-Czerwonka, Andreas Wipf; (arXiv:1208.5389)
->> "Supersymmetric renormalization group flows" by Marianne Mastaler, Franziska Synatschke-Czerwonka and Andreas Wipf; (Phys. Part. Nucl. 43 (2012) 593)
->> "Convergence of Derivative Expansion in Supersymmetric Functional RG Flows" by Marianne Heilmann, Tobias Hellwig, Benjamin Knorr, Marcus Ansorg, Andreas Wipf (arXiv:1409.5650)

Scientific Interests:

Currently I am investigating supersymmetric models within the functional renormalization group framework. This allows me to have an insight even in the deeply non-perturbative regimes of SUSY. I have looked at the sypersymmetric O(N) model at large and finite N, and now I am studying supersymmetric quantum mechanics in order to check the "quality" of the FRG applied to supersymmetric theories and its convergence properties.
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