Stefan Palenta

  • Country:  
  • Group: Relativistic Astrophysics
  • Office: Abb. 213
  • Phone: +49 3641 947118
  • Email: stefan.palenta(at)

Curriculum Vitae:

2012–2017 PhD studies, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena.
member of Research Training Group 1532 ‘Quantum and Gravitational Fields’
thesis: „Nonlinear interactions of gravitational waves“
2010–2012 M.Sc. Physics, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena,
thesis: „Post-Newtonian expansion of a rigidly rotating disc of dust with constant specific
2007–2010 B.Sc. Physics, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena,
thesis: “Feasibility study of a vacuum birefringence experiment probing a static magnetic
field with X-rays”
1999–2007 Abitur, Arnoldischule, Gotha,

Publications and Teaching:

1 S. Palenta and R. Meinel 2017: ‘A continuous Riemann-Hilbert problem for colliding
plane gravitational waves’, (in preparation)
2 Y.-C. Liu Pynn, R. P. Macedo, M. Breithaupt, S. Palenta and R. Meinel 2016:
‘Gyromagnetic factor of rotating disks of electrically charged dust in general relativity’,
Physical Review D 94 p. 104035 10.1103/PhysRevD.94.104035
3 M. Breithaupt, Y.-C. Liu, R. Meinel and S. Palenta 2015: ‘On the black hole limit
of rotating discs of charged dust’, Classical and Quantum Gravity 32 p. 135022
4 S. Palenta and R. Meinel 2013: ‘Post-Newtonian expansion of a rigidly
rotating disc of dust with a constant specific charge’, 30 p. 085010

2016 Supervision of 2 high school students’ projects for ‘Youth researches’
2016 Lecturer at 17-day summer school of the ‘Deutsche Schülerakademie’: Introduction
to cosmology for high school students
2013–2015 Supervision and review of 3 bachelor theses
2011–2013 Teaching assistant for relativistic physics

Scientific Interests:

  • Gravitational waves an their nonlinear interaction
  • Exact solutions of GR
  • Black holes and the parametric transitions to them
  • Expansion algorithms
  • Cosmology

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