Nathan Johnson-McDaniel

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  • Group: Numerical Relativity
  • Office: Abb. 203
  • Phone: +49 3641 947116
  • Email: nathan-kieran.johnson-mcdaniel(at)
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Curriculum Vitae:

  • 2006 - B.S. in Physics and Astronomy, B.MUS. in Music Performance (violin), The University of Georgia
  • 2011 - Ph.D. in Physics, The Pennsylvania State University

Publications and Teaching:

My publications on ADS

Currently teaching a course on gravitational waves with Dr. Hilditch, the website is here; the previous year's archived course page is available here.

Scientific Interests:

In general, theoretical work in support of gravitational wave astronomy. I have done work from mathematics, to condensed matter physics, and even a little general relativity in the middle.

Currently, I have particular interests in waveform accuracy for numerical relativity.

Past projects have included generating improved initial data for numerical simulations of black hole binaries (available here), and computing maximum quadrupole deformations of neutron stars.

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