Class page for the Wintersemester 2016/2017 Mathematical Relativity course

Instructor: D. Hilditch.

Lecture: Mondays 12-14. SR1 MWP1.
Exercise class: Fridays 12-14. SR6 HHW4.
Office hour: Wednesdays 10-12. Abbeanum. off. 205.

The course Friedolin page for the lecture is here and for the exercise class here.

Assessment and Homework:

The course will be assessed as follows: 15% across the homework, and the remainder from a presentation of, and a brief (no more than 15 pages) report about a paper in the field.

First assignment

Second assignment (notebook with setup for Y here)

Third assignment

Useful links:

Luk's lecture notes on nonlinear wave equations are here. [Link to pdf].

Holzegel's notes on the wave equation on blackhole backgrounds are here. [Link to pdf]. (See also these lecture notes).