Tim Dietrich

Curriculum Vitae:

2010. Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (B.Sc.)
2012. Friedrich Schiller-University Jena (M.Sc.)

Publications and Teaching:

Tutorial and Seminar in:

Theoretische Physik-A-Einführung in die Theoretische Mechanik
Theoretische Physik-B-klassische und analytische Mechanik
Online Forum der Martin-Luther-Universität
Mathematische Hilfsmittel zur Quantenphysik
Mathematische Physik
Mathematische Methoden III
Elektrodynamik für Lehramt


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T. Dietrich, S. Bernuzzi, M. Ujevic and B. Brügmann, Numerical relativity simulations of neutron star merger remnants using conservative mesh refinement , Phys.Rev.D.91 (2015) 124041, arXiv: 1504.01266.

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S. Bernuzzi, A. Nagar, S. Balmelli, T. Dietrich and M. Ujevic, Tidal polarizability effects in neutron star mergers (2015) J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 610 012047.

T. Dietrich, N. Moldenhauer, N. K. Johnson-McDaniel, S. Bernuzzi, M. Markakis, B. Brügmann and W. Tichy Binary Neutron Stars with Generic Spin, Eccentricity, Mass ratio, and Compactness - Quasi-equilibrium Sequences and First Evolutions , arXiv: 1507.07100.

M. Bugner, T. Dietrich, S. Bernuzzi, A. Weyhausen and B. Brügmann, Solving 3D relativistic hydrodynamical problems with WENO discontinuous Galerkin methods, arXiv: 1508.07147.

Scientific Interests:

General Relativity and related aspects, mainly numerical Relativity, e.g. aspects of the puncture method and compact binary evolutions.


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