Workshop on Strongly-Interacting Field Theories


14 - 16 November

This workshop is founded by the DFG research training unit "Quantum and Gravitational Fields" (GK1523/1) and aims to bring together researchers from different areas of theoretical physics who study phases of strongly-interacting field theories. The main goal of the workshop is to provide a platform of the communication between people working on different aspects of strongly-interacting field theories, in order to allow for a transfer of knowledge and methods.

This year's workshop puts a special emphasis on beyond-equilibrium properties of field theories as well as on generic properties of conformal and supersymmetric field theories.

Confirmed speakers include:
  • J. Berges, Heidelberg
  • A. Codello, Trieste
  • P. H. Damgaard, Copenhagen
  • J. Erdmenger, Muenchen
  • V. Forini, Berlin
  • M. P. Heller, Amsterdam
  • K. Landsteiner, Madrid
  • E. Mottola, Los Alamos
  • J. M. Pawlowski, Heidelberg
  • R. Percacci, Trieste
  • A. Rebhan, Wien
  • A. Schäfer, Regensburg
  • J. Serreau, Paris
  • A. Vuorinen, Bielefeld


Program as PDF


Jürgen Berges

"Gauge fields far from equilibrium"

Alessandro Codello

"Functional Renormalization Group and the c-function"

Claudio Corianò

"Dilatons, Conformal Anomalies and Wess Zumino Actions"

Poul H. Damgaard

"Simulating N=4 Super Yang Mills Theory on the Lattice"

Gergely Endrodi

"QCD paramagnetism and its implications"

Johanna Erdmenger

"A holographic model of the Kondo effect"

Valentina Forini

"Two-dimensional scattering from unitarity cuts"

Michal P. Heller

"Holographic approach to nonequilibrium gauge theories: from new lessons about
hydrodynamics to toy models of heavy ion collisions"

Karl Landsteiner

"Theory and Applications of anomalous Transport"

Axel Maas

"G2 gauge theories"

Emil Mottola

"Scalar Boson Condensates & Macroscopic Effects of the Quantum Conformal Anomaly"

Jan M. Pawlowski

"QCD spectral functions and transport coefficients from functional methods"

Roberto Percacci

"Constraints on matter from asymptotic safety"

Anton Rebhan

"Holographic Models of Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Plasmas"

Andreas Schäfer

"The early phase of high energy heavy-ion collisions"

Julien Serreau

"Nonperturbative infrared dynamics in de Sitter space"

Aleksi Vuorinen

"Holographic thermalization at intermediate coupling"

Luca Zambelli

"A Hamiltonian formulation of the functional renormalization group flow equations"

List of Participants

  • Martin Ammon
  • Shan Bai
  • Daniel Becker
  • Jürgen Berges
  • Alexander Blinne
  • Julia Borchardt
  • Falk Bruckmann
  • Alessandro Codello
  • Claudio Corianò
  • Poul Henrik Damgaard
  • Maximilian Demmel
  • Gergely Endrodi
  • Johanna Erdmenger
  • Valentina Forini
  • Holger Gies
  • Michal P. Heller
  • Felix Karbstein
  • Daniel Körner
  • Karl Landsteiner
  • Stefan Lippoldt
  • Axel Maas
  • Sebastian Möckel
  • Emil Mottola
  • Tajdar Mufti
  • Andreas Nink
  • Da-Wei Pang
  • Jan M. Pawlowski
  • Roberto Percacci
  • Anton Rebhan
  • Filipe Salles
  • Andreas Schäfer
  • Stefan Stricker
  • Julien Serreau
  • Rene Sondenheimer
  • Tin Sulejmanpasic
  • Gian Paolo Vacca
  • Aleksi Vuorinen
  • Björn Wellegehausen
  • Andreas Wipf
  • Luca Zambelli
  • Omar Zanusso

The workshop will be held at:

Fürstengraben 27
07743 Jena

Größere Kartenansicht

Arrival by plane:

Airport Halle/Leipzig (+ 1h train ride, one-way ticket ~35 Euros )
Airport Berlin (Tegel or Schoenefeld) (+ 3h train ride, one-way ticket ~65 Euros)
Airport Frankfurt (+ 3h train ride, one-way ticket ~75 Euros)
Airport Munich (+4h train ride, one-way ticket ~85 Euros)

Arrival by train:

There are two train stations in Jena: Jena-Paradies (directions Berlin or Munich), and Jena-West (direction Frankfurt). The hotels as well as the conference site are in walking distance from both stations (taxi ride ~ 5-10 Euros)

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