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Within Theoretical Physics, over recent years new links between Quantum Gravity theories and ordinary Quantum Field theories were discovered which are referred to as gauge/gravity (or holographic) dualities. The essential feature of such gauge/gravity dualities is to provide relations between branches of theoretical physics which appear to be distinct at first sight. In particular, holographic dualities relate quantum field theories on Minkowski spacetime to quantum gravity or string theories in higher dimensional spacetimes.

Holographic dualities may be used in a two-fold way: Holographic dualities provide a non-perturbative definition of quantum gravity theories in asymptotically anti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetimes in terms of unitary quantum field theories on the conformal boundary of AdS. In particular, these dualities allow us to recast profound quantum gravitational questions, such as the fate of evaporating black holes and the information they contain, into a more tractable field theoretic language, and answer them there.

Moreover, by solving gravitational theories in the semi-classical, weakly curved limit arising from string theory or supergravity, we may investigate strongly coupled field theories. In particular, these dualities provide a new tool for determining the phase diagram and describing dynamical processes in strongly coupled quantum field theories, for which a description by conventional means is often difficult or even impossible.

Contact: Prof. Ammon

In recent years, we obtained insights into exotic phases of strongly coupled quantum matter, as well as in transport and
non-equilibrium dynamics within strongly coupled quantum field theories.

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Prof. Ammon, Martin martin.ammon(at)uni-jena.de Abb. 303 +49 3641 947145 personal webpage

PhD Students

MSc Grieninger, Sebastian sebastian.grieninger (at) uni-jena (dot) de Helm 102 +49 3641 947141

MSc Pannier, Michel michel.pannier@uni-jena.de Abb. 310a +49 3641 9 47129 personal webpage


Martin Ammon, together with Johanna Erdmenger (University of Würzburg), wrote the first textbook on the renowned AdS/CFT correspondence, as well as its generalizations known as gauge/gravity dualities. This was the first textbook in this important research topic covering the foundations as well as the applications of gauge/gravity duality. The textbook is published by Cambridge University Press.


Publications of the group

Here you find material for the lectures given by Prof. Martin Ammon.

Particles and Fields (winter term 2018)

The lecture will be given in English. All important information is summarized here.

Examples sheet 1 to be discussed 9.11 and 13.11
Examples sheet 2 to be discussed 16.11 and 20.11
Examples sheet 3 to be discussed 23.11 and 27.11
Examples sheet 4 to be discussed 30.11 and 4.12.
Introduction to Lie groups and Lie algebras, 07.12 and 11.12.
Examples sheet 5 to be discussed 14.12. and 18.12.
Examples sheet 6 to be discussed 21.12. and 08.01.
Examples sheet 7 to be discussed 11.01. and 15.01.
Examples sheet 8 to be discussed 25.01. and 29.01.
Examples sheet 9 to be discussed 01.02. and 05.02.

Elektrodynamik für Lehramt (Sommersemester 2018)

Die Vorlesung findet auf Deutsch statt. Wichtige Informationen zur Vorlesung entnehmen Sie dem Informationsblatt. Das aktuelle Skript zur Vorlesung finden Sie hier. Es wird jedoch keine Gewähr bezüglich Vollständigkeit, Aktualität und Richtigkeit gegeben.


Pro Woche gibt es ein Hausübungsblatt, das unter der Woche gelöst werden soll. Neu eingeführte mathematische Methoden werden zudem noch mit Hilfe von Präsenzübungsblättern vertieft, welche in den Übungen ausgeteilt und gelöst werden.

Präsenzübungsblatt 1 für die Übungen am 16. und 17.04.
Hausübungsblatt 1 (Rückgabe am 24.04. / Besprechung am 30.04./08.05.)
Präsenzübungsblatt 2 für die Übungen am 23. und 24.04.
Hausübungsblatt 2 (Rückgabe am 03.05 / Besprechung am 07.05./08.05.)
Hausübungsblatt 3 (Rückgabe am 08.05 / Besprechung am 14.05./15.05.)
Hausübungsblatt 4 (Rückgabe am 15.05 / Besprechung am 28.05./22.05.)
Hausübungsblatt 5 (Rückgabe am 22.05 / Besprechung am 28.05./29.05.)
Hausübungsblatt 6 (Rückgabe am 29.05 / Besprechung am 04.06./05.06.)
Hausübungsblatt 7 (Rückgabe am 05.06 / Besprechung am 11.06./12.06.)
Hausübungsblatt 8 (Rückgabe am 12.06 / Besprechung am 18.06./19.06.)
Hausübungsblatt 9 (Rückgabe am 19.06 / Besprechung am 25.06./26.06.)
Hausübungsblatt 10 (Rückgabe am 27.06 in meinem Büro / Besprechung am 02.07./03.07.)
Hausübungsblatt 11 (Rückgabe am 03.07 in meinem Büro / Besprechung am 09.07./10.07.)


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